St. Anthony Knights of Columbus Council 13118         

The St. Anthony Council of the Knights of Columbus want to thank St. Anthony Parish for its help and participation in our events throughout the past year; from our Lenten Fishfries, Pancake Breakfasts, 5K for Kids race, to our other sundry activities. The Knights are devoted to the core values of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, Patriotism, and most important of all – our Faith. We wanted you to know how we spend the money we raise from you during these events. The following is a list of charitable organizations, ministries or causes to which we have contributed, volunteered for, or been involved in during the past year:

St. Anthony School Foundation for Education
St. Anthony Homeless Ministry
Children’s Diagnostic Treatment Center (CDTC)
Friends of Orphans (Central and South America and the Caribbean)
Assisted Living / Nursing Home Program
Seminarian Supplemental Assistance Program
Respect Life
Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Inc. Soup Kitchen
Wounded Warriors (Wheelchair Program)
St. Anthony Food Drive

Again, thanks to all who have participated or otherwise helped us achieve our goals to date and thanks to everyone for their continued support.  We would not be able to achieve these goals without the help and support of our priests, church staff & assistants, and most of all, our fellow parishioners.   Thank You!

By the way, we will be beginning our 9th Annual Lenten Fishfries at 5:30 P.M. on Friday ___________ and will continue for the next _______ Fridays thereafter. Please refer to our calendar of events for more information. By attending our events, our charitable works become yours.