Sequoia, e.

g. TREE The giant sequoia tree is also recognized as the giant redwood. You can find only one particular component of the earth exactly where you can see big sequoias escalating obviously, and that is on the weste slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain vary in Califoia.

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However, there are a good deal of examples of huge sequoias that have been planted as oamentals all about the planet. ) 54. cable (computer/Tv set connector). HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) 57.

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John, in Scotland. IAN The identify “John” interprets into Scottish as “Ian”, into Russian as “Ivan”, into Italian as “Giovanni”, and into Irish as “Sean”. 59.

Na or Cl-. ION Sodium chloride (NaCl, prevalent salt) is an ionic compound, a crystal lattice made up of significant chloride (Cl) ions in a cubic construction, with more compact sodium (Na) ions in involving the chlorides.

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For the sake of completion, here is a whole listing of all the solutions: Across one. Ultracool individual. BADASS 7. Moneybags.

Excess fat CAT 13. Queen of rap. LATIFAH 14.

Penguin species. ADELIE fifteen. Diffuse by. PERMEATE If reversals, spoonerisms and anagrams cause you to grin, check out our crosswords search through a lot of crossword problem the right answers sixteen. They make waves in the ocean.

SONARS 17. Hollywood V. I.

P. s: Abbr. AGTS 18. Roomba, for one. Robotic twenty. Bar at a roast.

SPIT 21. Referred to as for. WARRANTED 22. Sounded off. RANTED 23. Bear in a 2012 film and its 2015 sequel. TED 24. Not considerably. A TAD 26. With forty five-Throughout, not be direct. or what 4 teams of black squares in this puzzle do. MINCE. Parks who stood up for the proper to sit down. ROSA 29. Sequoia, e. g. TOYOTA 31. Economic promise. Warranty 33. Specific lighters. BICS 35. Actor Peters of “American Horror Story”. EVAN 36. MapQuest element. Cash Q forty. Impressionist artist. ETCHER 44. Letter right before Peter in the Joint Military/Navy Phonetic Alphabet. OBOE 45. See 26-Throughout. Text 47. Rip-off. HOSE 48. Just good. COPACETIC forty nine. acid. ACETIC 50. Minor jerk. TIC 51. Alien these kinds of as Jabba. HUTT 53. Methuselah’s father. ENOCH fifty five. Most effective Image partly adapted from a C. I. A. operative’s e-book. ARGO 56. Breakout consoles. ATARIS 58. “Grease” actress whose initially name is composed of the exact two letters twice. DIDI CONN sixty. “Let us phone it a working day!”. I am Defeat! Eight-time Gold Glove winner Jim. EDMONDS 62. Forward. RESEND sixty three. Nets with weights. SEINES Down one. It might hold your glasses. BAR TRAY 2. Security cam inteet sites. ATMS three. Selected nutritionist. DIETITIAN 4. “Our deeds nevertheless travel with us from , / And what we have been helps make us what we are”: George Eliot. AFAR 5. Zen enlightenment. SATORI 6. “Total” sum. SHEBANG seven. Term in advance of food, paradoxically. Rapidly 8. Extreme fandom. ADORATION nine. Treasury expenses. TENS ten. #two on Rolling Stone’s checklist of the “a hundred Best Guitarists”. CLAPTON 11. Most open. AIRIEST 12. Stressful time for a pupil. Exam Day thirteen. Played smoothly. LEGATO 15. Handle about. PAW AT 19. Perfectly-timed. ON CUE twenty five. “The Several Loves of Gillis”. DOBIE 26. Relative of a cockatoo. MACAW 27. Company of safety from the rain. EAVES 28. Dressing option. RANCH 30. Purple hair tint. TITIAN 32. Allowance. RATION 34. Penn. Wharton. M. I. T. SLOAN 36. Jointly run. COCHAIR 37. Particular site section. ABOUT ME 38. Soda can features. POP TABS 39.